Parents Passing The Buck of Responsibility

Apple Instructed To Get Kids Off Technology

Apple shareholders are asking the technology innovator to come up with initiatives to ween kids off cell phones and tablets.

Two shareholders say, “the company should do more to help parents protect their kids from the risks of digital addiction and the side effects of social media.”

Yet, why do these shareholders believe it’s Apple’s job to fix this?

Apple created a popular product consumer’s want. A product which provides users with unlimited technological capabilities. Phones and tablets purchased for children, by adults, are used by kids to watch videos, play games, update social media statuses and posts, and text their friends.

How is Apple responsible for the number of unlimited hours a child is engaged with high-tech gadgets?

The only people with this type of power are parents and guardians.

If their parents are so lazy, not to monitor and minimize their child’s expose to screens, then the parent is to blame, not Apple.

McDonald’s Made Me Fat

We see the same thought process with America’s fast-food giant McDonald’s.

Pushing McDonald’s to display the number of calories for each food item. Demanding they offer healthier food choices.

In one case dating back to 2002, two teen girls in New York sued McDonald’s for their weight gain. Yet, they admit to eating at McDonald’s several times a week for years.

The lead attorney for the case claimed McDonald’s lured kids into their establishments with Happy Meals and toys. Stating, “… it’s hard to argue that a 6, or 8 or 10-year-old child has to take full responsibility for their decisions when they’re lured into McDonald’s by the toys and the playground and happy meals and the birthday parties.”

Lure? McDonald’s is not the neighborhood pedophile, luring children inside to carry out their own evil desires, leaving kids scarred for life. No one is lured. Enticed? Maybe. The fast-food chain, like any restaurant around the world, promotes gimmicks to draw customers. This is not a secret. If McDonald’s had promoted their food helps customers ‘lose weight’, then they would have a case.

The lawsuit was eventually dismissed. So, who are these girl’s guardians? Certainly not McDonald’s staff or their executives.

No one forced the girls to choose McDonald’s to eat. It was a choice they made. While their attorney also argued McDonald’s did not provide his teen clients with nutritional information (as if they would have read it), it was certainly no secret then or now McDonald’s is not in the business of healthy eating.

Cigarettes Lead To Cancer – Shocker

Is anyone unaware cigarettes cause health issues?

In addition to a raspy voice, yellow-tinted skin, wrinkles around the lips, and the atrocious breath many try covering up with gum (which does not work), cigarettes will eventually cause cancer.

Even with the Surgeon General’s warning plastered on each pack, people still love to speed up their heart rate, psychologically believing cigarettes help bring them a sense of calmness. Yet, the calmness comes because of the addiction which needs fed, not the stress they are dealing with.

Here is what we do know, there are no health benefits to smoking. We’ve known this for decades. Nothing in this section offers any new revelations.

While legal to do, it is a consumer’s choice to smoke them (Similar to parachuting from a plane, there is a chance your chute could malfunction. That is why you are told about the risks ahead of time and, likely, forced to sign a waiver).

Yet, in 2014, a woman sued the tobacco company for her husband’s death from lung cancer and awarded $23.6 billion. It is certainly a sad case. Yet the question remains, why did he not stop know the health risk factors. In 2014, it was common knowledge cigarettes caused cancer.

Should cigarettes be banned in the United States? Short answer, yes. They offer no health benefits, cause cancer, and linked to thousands of deaths each year.

Again, who is to blame for health issues related to smoking? ANSWER: The person who chose to start and continued to purchase cigarettes throughout their lifetime.

Now, the Government Needs to Fix

School Shootings

Today, the hot-button issue – gun-control.

Liberals demand Congress fix school shootings through the incorporation of stricter laws.

The Columbine massacre gave disgruntled students an idea how to get revenge in an epic way. Many teens who carry out these violent acts are on a suicide mission. Yet, instead of just killing themselves, and going down with the ship alone (due to excessive bullying and home issues), they want to take a few down with them?

The shooter, consumed by anger, cannot rationalize the pain others will suffer. They only smile, knowing they got their ultimate revenge.

While guns can be restricted, it will not solve shootings or acts of violence in schools.

The issues surrounding the Parkland, Florida shooting include:

• Bullying
• Lack of parental involvement
• Law enforcement lack of response


One of the student celebrities who found national fame following the Parkland shooting, Emma Gonzalez, admitted to the nation Cruz was bullied.

During her first speech on February 17, three days following the shooting Gonzalez said, “Since he (Cruz) was in middle school, it was no surprise to anyone who knew him to hear that ‘HE’ was the shooter. Those talking about how we should not have ostracized him, YOU DIDN’T KNOW THIS KID!” (It can be heard at 2:04 in the video).

Lack of Parental Involvement

Cruz had no father and his mother died in November 2017.

Mothers play a huge part in their child’s development. Yet, statistics do not lie, when fathers are not present, kids suffer.

Law Enforcement Mishaps

The FBI admitted their lack of response to threats made by Nicholas Cruz.

On February 14, 2018, poor choices were made which killed 17 innocent people.

Choices which included:

• Nicholas Cruz shooting innocent people
• The former resource officer’s decision not to enter the building
• The FBI’s choice not to follow up on social media threats

The NRA is not responsible for the poor choices made.

We need to stop believing the government and law enforcement have the power to protect us 100% of the time. Laws are in place to let criminals know the consequences if they should break them. While there are a number of illegal drugs sold on the street, those caught face consequences. The government nor law enforcement will be able to 100% stop drug dealing.

There is a reality many Democrats and liberal supporters prefer not to accept. They are:

1. School shootings will happen without or without stricter gun laws

2. If no one on a school campus is prepared with a weapon, the shooter will carry out a massacre. If teachers are not going to be armed, if there are no armed resource officers, then the shooter will carry out their plan to kill innocent lives.

With no resistance, no one shooting back, students and staff will be sitting ducks.

3. Each school needs to consider a resource officer or two with the necessary training and armed to handle a school shooter.

The recent shooting in Maryland demonstrated to the nation how arming a resource officer can stop or minimize casualties. First, the resource officer fired on the 17-year-old shooter, which shifted the shooter’s attention from killing students, instead toward the resource officer. After an exchange of rounds, the shooter was killed.

The resource officer likely saved a number of students who would have been shot and killed otherwise.

Teach Children How The World Works

The culture is trying to shift blame and responsibility to huge corporations and state and federal government.

Yet, the changes the culture needs are within their power.

Not demanding changes through protesting. Adults can handle what is within their power at home and in their communities.

Parents are responsible for their children. If they do not want their kids in front of screens, they – not Apple – need to take them away. If they do not want them to get obese and deal with health issues, they should not take them to McDonald’s two or three times a week and educate them on the dangers of cigarettes. And, the more involved parents are with their children, the more their kids will rely on them for support, looking to them for understanding versus taking it out on a world which they do not understand.


Walkout Sends Different Messages

NATIONWIDE – Not all students marched on March 14tth

Some faced disciplinary action over refusal to take part or expressing opposing viewpoints.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, students given 17 minutes to protest gun violence did the unthinkable, essentially disgracing the event.  

While some stood up for their convictions, others used it as an opportunity to contradict the purpose of the march. 


HILLARD, OH He wanted to stay ‘apolitical‘ during the walkout.

He had two choices:

  1.  Join the walkout
  2.  Sit in the common’s area of the school

According to the Ohio student, the walkout conflicted with his views and felt by sitting in the common’s area, it would disrespect those killed in Parkland, Florida.

Therefore, he elected to remain in his classroom doing homework. Afterward, the principal had word with him.  [STORY]




NEW PRAGUE, MN “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”

That was the sign one student held up during his school’s walkout. Yet, the principal wasn’t havin’ it.

His reaction – caught on video – angered many parents.  [STORY]


ROCKLIN, CA  A history teacher was sent home for questioning the politics of the walkout. 

She attempted to open a dialog with students focused on whether it was appropriate for any school to support gun violence protests if they didn’t support other types of protests. 

According to her, the students engaged in a good discussion. However, school officials say they heard differently and placed her on administrative leave.  [STORY]


CHICAGO, IL – Students from Simeon Career Academy were given 17 minutes to take part in the National School Walkout. 

However, instead of honoring the students who lost their lives in Florida, they chose to trash the local Wal-Mart instead. [STORY]



Freedom to Refuse Service

A Christian bakery fined for not making a cake.

Yet, coffee shops allowed to deny service to whomever they choose. 
Equality is supposed to be across the board.
It’s clear, many liberal judges cherry-pick causes. 
In 2015, while campaigning for the presidency, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz explained why businesses shouldn’t be forced to bend on their beliefs. 

Refusal to make cake for lesbian couple –


Christian bakers

GRESHAM, OR Owners of a mom and pop shop ordered to pay $135,000 to a lesbian couple for “damages” and “emotional suffering“. [STORY]

Coffee shop refuses to serve police –


OAKLAND, CA – Coffee shop refuses to serve police officers citing concerns over their “physical and emotional safety”. [STORY]

 Kicking out pro-life supporters –


SEATTLE, WA – A smug, gay coffee shop owner kicks Christians out of his establishment for discussing anti-abortion issues. Says he had “the right to be offended“. [STORY]


Cruz says businesses should not

bend on beliefs

In 2015, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz was approached by Hollywood actress Ellen Page.
Page confronted Cruz on the persecution of homosexuals.
Cruz delivered a perfect response on who faces persecution and how all businesses should not be forced to bend on their convictions and beliefs.

Top News Stories – 3/15/18


MIAMI, FL – Several killed in pedestrian bridge collapse.
Happened near Florida International University.
The bridge considered the “first of its kind” by FIU officials.
Was put in place on March 10th.
Used “accelerated bridge construction methods“.


NATIONWIDE – Not all students were allowed to march yesterday.
Some received suspensions.
Others denied the right to express opposing views.


PHEONIX, AR – A second-grade teacher posts her salary online.
Claims without her spouse she couldn’t make it financially.


NATIONWIDE – Iconic toy store, Toys R Us is set to sell their U.S. stores.
Approximately 30,000 will lose their job.


Articles which are quick, pointless, and generally offer no educational value.



Top News Stories to Check Out – 3/15/2018


NATIONWIDE – Today, students marched for stricter gun laws.
Yet, not all students, and for good reasons.


MISSOURI – President Trump arrived in St. Louis this morning.
Hinted more to come with tax plan.


INDIA – Hillary Clinton explains her 2016 presidential loss.
Claims Trump took American backward.
Plus says smart voters chose her, racists preferred Trump.



TEXAS – Minor league baseball player caught hitting girlfriend.
WARNING: Some may find the video to be disturbing.



Articles which are quick, pointless, and generally offer no educational value.




Matthew Cassady – Facebook’s ‘Trigger Specialists’ Targeting Conservatives

Like some of you, I’ve been to Facebook jail. 

Not just once, but three times (yeah, it changes a man). 

My mug shot (profile pic) is likely displayed on a bulletin board entitled, “Top 1000 Triggering Conservatives” (which in my opinion is a huge honor). I also imagine my account is on some ridiculous watchlist, assigned to an erratic, self-identified non-binary liberal with a chip on their shoulder and a stick up their … well, you know … just ready to pull the plug on my account. 

I’ve experienced what it’s like to be an innocent victim of Facebook’s Subjective Court of Personal Opinion they cleverly disguise as their biased Policies and Guidelines

For my first offense, I was jailed for 24 hours. My next, a solid week. Then for my third, a 30-day sentence! 

During my incarceration, I was cut off from liking posts, sharing pictures, or making comments because Facebook decided to be obtuse. When I wrote them proclaiming my rights were violated, nothing but silence. I’m surprised the Facebook warden, Mark Zuckerburg, didn’t give me another 30 days to remind me who’s boss

Andy in the Hole

It’s amazing how they can find random posts which offend them yet can’t respond to your complaint.

However, it’s great to have the freedom to once again click the LIKE button, share content, and make comments without an authoritarian popup constantly reminding me of made-up past crimes I’ve committed against Facebook’s liberal ideology. 

What’s even funnier, Facebook sent me multiple emails of notifications waiting for me on my personal page which – because of my suspension – I couldn’t access. It was almost as if Facebook was taunting me. 

“Hey Matt, you have a lot of messages waiting for you … oh wait … we suspended your account. Nevermind!”  

Then they just repeated the same cycle each week. 

The Facebook / Lerner Commonality

History is repeating itself. 

Facebook is the modern-day Lois Lerner, the former IRS official accused of targeting conservative groups, denying many of a tax-exempt status. Similar to Learner, Facebook seems to think they can subtly discriminate against conservatives without being noticed. Well, WE NOTICE! 

Now Facebook is taking a page out of Lerner’s playbook, disguising their ‘policies and procedures‘ as a way to silence Republicans. If anyone were to actually investigate the ethical behavior of Facebook officials, it’s likely they’d be called out for discrimination against conservatives and Christians. 

Case in point …

Liberal Definition of Hate Speech

The issue I was suspended over – three times – was the topic of whether transgender was biological or a mental disorder. 

You can likely guess which side I took.

During debates on Facebook, I stated my case, made valid points, cited relevant references, and provided stats. I never made comments which implied anyone should be killed or physically abused. I’d suggest those struggling with confusion get help. To no surprise, the Left deemed that as offensive. I knew they would yet I never wished harm on anyone, even transgenders. 

Hate speech to liberals is anything which contradicts their beliefs. However, true hate speech is wishing harm or death to specific groups or races.

In fact, during some of the debates I’ve had, some liberals went onto my personal page, sent me a friend request, wrote some of the most awful things you can imagine, as some even took shots at my children. Then, in typical liberal fashion, they would block me so I couldn’t respond. I was told to ‘go kill myself’ and a couple of “open-minded” Lefties went as far as calling my children a ‘couple of faggots’ (which is odd since the liberal agenda supports the LBTG and that term is generally used in a derogatory manner of homosexuals). 

And, according to a former Facebook employee, even conservative news stories have been targeted.

Following my second suspension – which lasted a week – I reported some Facebook users whom I felt were offensive. People who said much nastier things than I ever posted. I would get an automated message suggesting I block them if I found them to be offensive. Basically, Facebook wouldn’t get involved. Yet, if I say I believe transgenders suffer from a mental disorder, back it up with solid evidence, and suggest they get help, I’m the enemy of the social media liberal platform known as Facebook.

If you’re told Facebook is unbias, don’t believe the hype … or especially Zuckerburg.

Matthew Cassady – Equality or Superiority ?

The modern-day feminist not only demands equality, they’re trying to redefine it. 

Equality is where everyone begins at the same starting point; given more or less based on achievements and hard work.  

Yet, that’s not the correct definition for many of today’s liberated women. In fact, it’s not about equality at all. It’s about superiority.

While the United States offers women more opportunities to succeed than any other nation on the planet (the very reason foreigners flock to America), they neglect to consider where women are granted more priveledges over men. 

Privileges which …

  • Financially enslave men, 
  • Put men’s lives on the line, and …
  • Place men in jail without due process. 

It’s not likely today’s feminist would willingly give up any of those advantages for true equality across the board. Yet, there are many instances in American culture where women have the upper hand. 

Women Can Choose Parenthood

When a woman gets pregnant she has three options:

  1. Legally murder her child: abortion. 
  2. Choose not to list the father of the child on the birth certificate and give the child up for adoption. 
  3. Surrender the baby to a safe haven location. 

However, if the woman chooses to have the child (the right thing to do), she can demand financial assistance from the father. 

Consider the double standard.

If a woman doesn’t feel ready to be a mother, she can legally end her child’s life. She’s applauded for her decision by those on the Left. Yet, if a man doesn’t feel ready to be a dad, he’s told, “You should’ve thought about that before you had sex.”  If this is a true statement, why does a woman have the option and a man does not?

The argument, likely, is she’s the one who has to carry the child. However, why does that excuse her from the responsibility of raising the child? The same responsibility forced on men?

Should a man also have the choice not to be a dad? This is not a noble act by any means. Real men would handle their responsibility, not push to have their child murdered so they could selfishly live a life free from responsibility. Yet, if we’re just talking about legal rights, this is not fair for men. 

Plus, in American society, if a woman chooses to abort her child or give it up for adoption, she’s considered (by the Left) to be empowered. Exercising her right to choose. Yet, if a man prefers not to be a parent, recommends his partner gets an abortion, he’s classified as a douche bag. 

So, a woman can have a child legally murder her child and hailed a hero. A man can abandon the child and be hailed a deadbeat.

Women Don’t Have To Agree to Die for their County

When a woman reaches the age of 18 she’s not required to sign a Selective Service card

When a young man turns 18, he’s obligated to sign one.

If he doesn’t, in some cases, he may not be able to get a driver’s license, take advantage of state or federal programs, or college financial aid. Women, however, have access to all those things without signing the card. 

Plus, they can vote for a politician who would send men to war. 

If the draft should ever be initiated again, women will be safe from serving in the military. However, men will be obligated to serve should the U.S. government require it.

By Default, Women are Granted More Custody in Divorce

Many believe the court system is fairer in divorces when it comes to custody. 

That’s not an accurate statement. 

Of course, each custody battle is determined on a case-by-case basis.

However, it’s more common for women to get the majority of custody and force the ex-husband to pay. If a father wants equal parenting responsibilities, he has to prove he’s worthy to have it, which is very expensive. 

While men are just as capable of raising kids, by default women automatically get the title of ‘primary caregiver’. 

Plus, the question comes up, why does the man have to get less custody and pay child support if the woman chooses to leave him (excluding cases of physical assault). 

Women can choose to end a marriage and even go on to have affairs and their ex-husband is forced to provide financial support and granted less time with his kids. In retrospect, he basically pays his ex-wife to be a part-time mom; giving her every other weekend off and the occasional overnight stay with dad. 

Not uncommon to hear women complain about the less than adequate monthly payment they receive which barely covers all the child’s necessities. Why didn’t they consider that issue before choosing to file for divorce? And, why did she not have a game plan as far as a job? She cannot expect to be a stay-at-home mom, financially supported by her ex-husband, while she dates other men, and demand to be treated equally. 

Men Pay More for Insurance

The scale is unbalanced when it comes to insurance premiums.

Women tend to get lower premiums than men do.

If a man has a spotless accident record, he’ll still be charged more for car insurance than a woman with a spotless record. One of the reasons being, men statistically are more daring behind the wheel during their youth.

Yet, if feminist desire equality, shouldn’t they demand the field be leveled?

Men have a strike against them simply for being men. If true gender equality is the ultimate goal of today’s feminist, shouldn’t they be fighting with lawmakers to ensure everyone begins with the same rate?

Only those who choose to drive recklessly and acquire speeding tickets would receive higher premiums. Regardless of gender, everyone is granted the same luxury rates as well as the same increases based on driving performance. 

When it comes to health insurance – again – men are charged more. 

Healthcare companies justify this based on research which indicates men – in general – dies sooner.  And, since men are predicted to die sooner, health care providers know they’re more likely to pay out a claim. Yet, if the wife should die before her husband, does he get the same amount paid out to him? Not likely. 

This is a case of a few good students getting punished for the other bad student’s behavior. 

Sexual Assault Accusations

Women can cry ‘rape‘ and immediately the Court of Public Opinion will side with them. 

We’re not living in an age of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ It’s the other way around; ‘Guilty until proven innocent’.

Even if a man’s found innocent, the accusation will follow him for years.

People left to wonder, was he really innocent? Or, was the victim pushed into dropping the case? Yet, if a man is truly innocent, and his female accuser sticks to her story, the accused will have to fight hard in court, spend a lot on an attorney, and even serve jail time while his court case is pending. 

If a man were to accuse a woman of sexual harassment, she would likely get a slap on the wrist. In the age of #MeToo, men have become an enemy.

Today accusations come out of nowhere when a woman stands to benefit from it.

This is not indicating a woman’s accusations and experiences – if she was sexually assaulted – are irrelevant. No one disagrees, if a man is guilty he should face the consequences. The point being made, today there are more accusations coming out of the woodwork. Like the ones which surfaced during Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency. The public was not aware of any majority sexual harassment actions on the President’s part until he declared he was running for president.   

Picking from a Smorgasbord 

Five areas where women have the advantage and not likely to give up anytime soon. 

(WARNING: The following video contains explicit language.)

Feminists seem to pick and choose which parts of the supposed ‘male privilege’ they like,  discarding the less appealing aspects of masculinity like paying for meals on dates, working blue collar jobs, or playing the part of protector. 

For example, when a crisis happens, is it still ‘women and children first’ or ‘children and everyone for themselves’? If a group of men and women should ever find themselves on a sinking Titanic it’s likely even the most hardcore feminist will play the ‘… but I’m just weak woman needing rescued’. 

Survey Indicates Attraractive People Are Republican

The more attractive you are, the more likely you’re to be a Republican.

You may assume that statement is just one bias writer’s opinion. It’s not. In fact, it’s a conclusion reached in a survey published in the Journal of Public Economics in December 2017.

The research was led by Rolfe Daus Peterson from Susquehanna University and Carl Palmer from Illinois State University. The duo compared data from 1972, 1974 and 1976 American National Study surveys which asked people to evaluate the appearance of others. The survey also explored participants’ political beliefs, income, race, gender, and education.

The results were compared with the Wisconsin Longitudinal study which also focused on physical characteristics of more than 10,000 high school students rated by their level of attractiveness.

The findings revealed the level of attractiveness tends alters an individual’s worldview and political beliefs.

Perception of Attractive People

It’s no secret attractive people tend to receive preferential treatment.

Survey findings reveal good-looking people are generally attributed with a number of positive traits including …

  • Elevated social status
  • Higher income
  • Perceived to be intelligent, competent, confident, and happier

As a result of preferential treatment, attractive people see the world as a just and fair place.

Yet, attractive people are considered to have a political ‘blind spot. 

Their ‘political blind spot’ implies they don’t see the need for government aid in society because they are less likely to need it. According to the initial results, attractive people are less likely to understand or relate to the hardships faced by others – making them more likely to embrace the idea of individualism.

It’s not likely they will ever feel part of a persecuted minority.

Unhappiness Within One’s Self

Findings also revealed those who are unhappy with themselves tend to be drawn to left-wing causes.

As the old saying goes, “Misery loves company”. People with low self-esteem and struggle with body image want others to face the same struggles and challenges they do.

Instead of taking responsibility for their weight and appearance and changing their eating habits and clothing choices, they prefer to blame the world for unrealistic beauty standards. They view standards in society as a personal attack on them.

They draw closer to others who share their misery. Instead of taking responsibility and making changes, they choose the victimhood mentality.

Keepin’ it in Perspective

As both researchers would attest, their latest findings do not mean all attractive people are conservative and less attractive people are liberal.

The results imply more attractive people tend to lean more towards conservatism as a result of preferential treatment which skews their worldview, believing the playing field is leveled. Those who are not granted preferential treatment tend to view society as an enemy constantly working to suppress them.

Therefore, while Republicans prefer less government and allow people to manage their own lives, Democrats prefer government give them a leg up in life with services and financial assistance to support the victimhood many believe they face. As Republicans support the capitalism, liberal groups push for more for socialism.

In fact, a different study supports the claim weaker men tend to be drawn to socialism.

Matthew Cassady: Liberals Further The Racism Narrative

GAMESHOW ANNOUNCER: “The password is ‘Sh*thole’.”

CNN ANCHOR ALLISON CAMEROTA: “UMMM … a comment by our president about certain countries which proves he’s a racist and a bigot.”

CNN ANCHOR JAKE TRAPPER: “‘ummmm, uh, uh, OH! Sh*thole!”


PASSWORD HOST: “Well done CNN. That right answer gives you a free pass to say ‘Sh*thole” on air as many times as needed to promote the racist narrative.”

CNN ALISYN CAMEROTA: “I don’t know why, but that word just makes me so emotional.”

CNN JAKE TRAPPER: “Well, as all of you know, I have my own show. I’ll say it regardless of the F.C.C. or corporate executives like it or not. They know not to mess with Trapper!

Runnin’ with Narratives

If you haven’t been watching CNN (fake news) then you missed a plethora of accusations that the president is a racist.  Plus, thanks to CNN, ‘Sh*thole’ is sure to become the buzzword of 2018.

You’ve likely seen a number of liberal made memes about what a ‘sh*thole’ they believe the president to be. Even late night talk show host Steven Colbert had to add his two cents worth, insinuating the president is a shithole and – of course – a racist. Many viewers took Colbert’s monolog to mean he was calling the United States a sh*thole because Trump is president.

The word which supposedly President Trump used to describe certain countries has triggered the Left into concluding the self-made billionaire is a racist and bigot (not that they didn’t think that before). However, while the President denies ever using the word, Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill) claims Trump made the hate-filled comment repeatedly. The key word being ‘repeatedly’. While Senator Durbin portrays the Republicans in the room as conveniently forgetting what President Trump said he claims he couldn’t forget what Trump said.

When the Illinois Senator went on “The View” he said, “Because he said in terms which were explicit. That his view on immigration in America, that we would favor some countries, like Norway and the Europeans at the expense of Africans and people from Haiti, it was clear to me what the president was saying.”

Two things we can take away from Durbin are first, his claim the president made the comment repeatedly. More people would have spoken up by now if Trump said the slur ‘repeatedly’.

And second, ‘… it was clear to me what the president was saying’. Based on what the senator revealed, he did not ask President Trump what he meant. He simply created a narrative in his head and ran to the nearest microphone and news camera to spew it out.

Days following the accusations, while attending a dinner with House Majority Leader Keven McCarthy in West Palm Beach, Florida, the President said, “No, I am not a racist I am the least racist person you have ever interviewed.”

Of course, anyone who knows how the Left works will stop at nothing to discredit the president. For example, Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) delivered a highly-emotional rant toward Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielson on January 16 after she stated she did not recall President Trump making the statements. He was irate Neilson and others in the room would claim they did not hear the president say the word. He then went on to call Dublin an ‘honorable man’ to indicate his word was enough to convict Trump of wrongdoing. Yet, Senator Booker was not in the meeting and simply basing his beliefs hearsay.

Draw the Best

When foreign nationals want to acquire an H-1B visa, they first have to meet certain criteria.

Reason being, companies require candidates to have certain skill sets and education to fill positions. This applies for all American citizens as well as the foreign nationals looking to come to the United States to work. Everyone has to meet specific qualifications in order to be hired. If those same foreign nationals desire a green card they have to prove their worth. The United States does like to draw foreigners to help the American economy, not to financially support.

While Trump’s comment was viewed by the Left at face value, the context of what he was implying had more to do with drawing talent which can benefit the United States economy versus government dollars going to support illegals who cannot survive without government assistance.

Trump’s example of encouraging Norwegians to come is a result of their steady economy, which has sustained growth throughout the decades.

While many on both sides of the aisle say his comment was disrespectful, as president he has to look at the big picture. It’s his job to consider what’s best for the country. The United States was founded on the idea of a place where immigrants could come and take part in a free society where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. However, it appears we’re getting further away from exercising our freedoms and leaning more toward becoming government dependent.

America is a great nation where anyone can run their own company, choose where they live and get a good education.  So, the President referenced Norwegians as an example. He sees a nation thriving and the contributions they could make to help the United States economy. While he wasn’t necessarily TACTFUL, the context was not directed at any race of people. It was directed at people who choose to leave their situation for a better life at the expense of the U.S. government.

The Left Loves Racism

The Far Left and CNN have turned this latest Trump comment into a race war.

One thing Liberals love is any reason to cry ‘racism’. Racism is their primary platform. So, if it’s not at the center of controversy, they will find a way to make it a central point for the media.

Since Trump followed the derogatory comment with ‘countries’ immediately self-proclaimed social justice warriors go after the President with accusations he’s a bigot toward those who live in Haiti, El Salvador, and smaller African countries. Yet, this mob of haters will put their filters on and believe any explanation is an attempt by Conservatives to manipulate them into believing he isn’t racist. They’ll follow whatever path their leaders take them like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and the greatest self-proclaimed social justice warrior of all, Elizabeth Warren

Who’s the Real Racist?

If you believe calling an unsuccessful country which happens to be populated by people of color a crap hole as being racist while calling a country occupied by mostly white people and successful as racist … then you’ve already determined the factor of race as the success or the downfall of a nation.

Meaning YOU are the racist.

There are a number of reasons why a nation is or isn’t successful. Color is not actually one of them.

But, for many liberals, they only see race as the ONLY factor.

It has nothing to do with the fact they’re not white. It has everything to do with the fact they’re gang-infested, crime-ridden, poverty-stricken wastelands.

This is exactly the reason why many risk their lives coming to America. If those countries were so great, why would they want to leave FOR SOMETHING BETTER?

Matthew Cassady: Feminists say abortion is EMPOWERMENT

In the 1993 film ‘Schindler’s List’, directed by Steven Spielberg, there’s a scene where the main character Oskar Schindler (played by Lian Neeson) is speaking with Nazi soldier Amon Goeth (played by Ralph Fiennes).

Schindler explains what real power means.

His explanation is simple. Real power is when justice is deserved for an offender. However, instead of punishment, the judge pardons them. 

Goeth is an evil Nazi soldier who hates the Jewish people. The movie depicts scenes where he’s standing on a balcony overlooking a concentration camp holding a rifle, shooting and killing Jewish prisoners as target practice. Within his mentally disturbed mindset, killing Jews was no more wicked than killing ants.

During World War II murdering Jews was legal in Germany.

Many followers of the ruthless Adolf Hitler felt empowered when carrying out horrific acts on the Jewish race. It showed how one person could manipulate millions into normalizing wicked behavior.

While Americans condemn the Jewish holocaust, it has slowly and silently surfaced within the United States and become a legal fixture in American culture for over 40 years.

Modern Day Nazi Holocaust

Many of the same Nazi-inspired strategies are at work eliminating a complete generation.

baby shadow in hands

The Left is fully aware what abortion means, specifically the end result.

It’s regaining freedom from responsibility by ending another human being’s life. Regardless, it’s a selfish option feminist and the far Left supporters believe should be available to women who want to opt out of raising a child.

To keep momentum going for the cause, pro-choice advocates push the idea a woman is ‘empowered’ when she chooses death over life.

Very similar to how Hitler persuaded millions to follow him.

Germany laid in ruins following the first World War. His initial desire was to restore Germany. He promoted the idea of a superior Arian race capable of dominating the world. Then put out false claims the Jewish race was a cancer and the blame for many of Germany’s problems. Therefore, they would need to be cleansed from Germany to support what he claimed to be ‘a greater cause’.

It was Hitler’s passionate speeches which drew the attention of millions of people. People he was able to inspire to accept false accusations about the Jewish people and superiority of the Arian race.

Very similar to how feminists convinced the U.S. government to legalize abortion.

There were passionate speeches which contained cleverly crafted reasonings as to why it needed to be legalized, and how it would EMPOWER women more. Supposedly, abortion was also explained to serve a ‘greater purpose’.

Creating A Demon

Feminist groups refer to women as ‘heroines’ for their bravery to walk into a clinic and tear apart or suck out a living being from their body.


As Hitler demonized Jews as the reason for holding Germany back from achieving greatness, pro-choice advocates demonize men as oppressors over their bodies. Men who were supposedly forcing women to be baby carriers. A cleverly disguised conspiracy to not only demonize men but convince millions of people women were living a real-life ‘Handmaids Tale’ culture.

It was four decades ago where shame tactics and distorting reality convinced male lawmakers to play along with the lies that abortion was necessary.  

Today, lawmakers who actually support pro-life causes are still too weak to push legislation to overturn it.

Therefore, the law stands. 

Yet, going back to the original point, while abortion is legal, it equates to the atrocities Jewish prisoners endured at the hands of sadistic Nazi rulers.

To walk into a clinic and ask a so-called ‘specialist’ to dismember or suck out a living human being is the ultimate hate crime against humanity. If those who claim to be open-minded and supportive of women’s causes and look outside themselves, abortion would likely not be a thought as killing a living thing would not support another living being’s right to pursue happiness.

Like Jews during the holocaust, innocent babies have now become an enemy.

Surprised pregnancies are now referred by many as, ‘unwanted’. A term such as ‘unwanted’ is an indication humanity is leaning toward normalizing evil behavior and actions against the innocent. Blaming the child for holding a woman back from achieving greatness.

This ‘unwanted’ child is viewed as a cancer which needs to be removed versus the innocent human being they are.

Men Are Deadbeats … Women Are Courageous

A way to get men on board is to promote abortion as a benefit to them.

Remember, men don’t get to choose parenthood. If the woman he slept with gets pregnant and chooses life (good for her) and decides to keep the child, she can force the father to make child support payments (which he should). Why? Because he’s just as responsible for the child as the mother is.

The father is not a victim of injustice. Before going into the bedroom, he knew there was a chance – even if he or she were using birth control – his partner could get pregnant. While he can choose not to be a part of his child’s life, a court can force him to financially support the child.

If he’s upset a portion of his income will go toward a child he didn’t want, people on both sides of the political isle will be quick to remind him, “He should’ve considered the possibility before he had sex.”

If a man says he doesn’t want to be a part of his child’s life or he prefers his career over his child, his decision is considered – by society’s standards – to be selfish and inconsiderate. He will carry the stigma of being a deadbeat and a loser.

Any man who chooses to neglect his children is not considered a victim nor admirable for doing so.

The only way to get out of financially supporting the child is to encourage the mother to abort the child.

Here’s the irony, if the mother chooses abortion to pursue her career, she’s honored for her decision to terminate (i.e., kill) her child. She’s considered a victim and alleviated of any stigma for her CHOICE to abort the child.

Similar to men, women should not get a free pass to have an abortion simply because they don’t feel ready to raise a child. While many fathers are not any more prepared than the mother, the father is forced to take part in some way and harshly criticized if he abandon’s the child and mother. Yet, it’s acceptable for a woman to murder her child, where she may be even praised for being ‘brave’ and ‘courage’s’ to make such a difficult decision.

As far as choices, upon giving birth the mother can father can give the child up for adoption or take the child to a Safe Haven. Both options alleviate the biological parents of the responsibility of raising their child and the child is allowed a life they deserve.  That is considered a win-win.

Making Abortion Sound Logical

Hitler used the power of persuasion through passionate speeches and selective educational resources to portray the Jewish race as the enemy. Millions bought into his demented mindset.  

Keep laws off my body

Here in America humanity was targeted in 1970’s when abortion was made legal.

Feminists were successful in altering the truth to make abortion sound logical, titling it ‘Freedom of choice’. Their angle was ‘reproductive rights’. An odd term they chose considering no one was taking away their right to reproduce. Yet, calling it, ‘death by dismemberment’ likely wouldn’t have drawn much support.

Similar to Hitler’s success in creating the delusion Jews were an enemy of the state which needed to be extradited, feminists have created the same one about the child inside a woman’s body. Using false logic, claiming the being growing inside of them is not a living thing, just a clump of cells. However, medical research shows us it only takes days for a child to begin forming in the womb. Plus, science has confirmed life does begin at conception.

Then came the argument that a woman deserves rights over her own body. However, everyone is limited by the government of what they can do with their body. Not just women. For example, …

  • The government places restrictions on food and drugs Americans can legally put into their bodies.
  • The government determines the legal age Americans can smoke and drink.
  • The government determines the age at which a person can have sex (which no one would disagree with in this day and age of pedophilia).
  • In most states, prostitution is illegal.
  • There are laws against indecent exposure, meaning certain areas of the body are to be always covered up.
  • The government can draft men to go to war if the need should arise.
  • You go to jail and face fines if you drink and drive.
  • No one is allowed to assault someone unless it’s in self-defense.

When you look at all the bullet points, while one could claim the government is infringing on people’s rights to live how they choose, the reality is these laws are to protect people from hurting themselves or others. The same laws should apply to the unborn. To ban abortion would do just that, prevent the murder of a child.


Anyone can pursue a career, but what’s a career?

Mom holding baby

It’s an occupation which pays you, helps financially support a certain lifestyle, and provides someone with a purpose until they retire. Then the individual’s hard work and success is passed onto someone else. Eventually, they’re forgotten.

There’s no honor in killing an innocent child outside or inside the womb.

While a man is considered a deadbeat and loser for choosing to abandon his child (as he should be) a woman is certainly no better for aborting it. A man who chooses freedom over responsibility would not be considered COURAGEOUS or EMPOWERED by making that decision.

Honorable men are the ones who take responsibility and become part of the child’s life. Doing so gives them a chance to provide a real purpose to influence their son or daughter.

There is where the EMPOWERMENT and COURAGE come from.

True POWER is a woman who has her child, raises it, works hard to make a living, and when she retires, she finds herself rewarded with grandchildren and no regrets.