In August 1999, photographer Micheal Clancy was allowed to sit in on a spina bifida operation taking place at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The patient was a 21-week-old unborn child by the name of Samuel. 

Once the surgery was completed, surgeons were preparing to sew up the womb when, according to Clancy, something amazing took place.  

“Out of the corner of my eye I saw the uterus shake, but no one’s hands were near it. It was shaking from within. Suddenly, an entire arm thrust out of the opening, then pulled back until just a little hand was showing. The doctor reached over and lifted the hand, which reacted and squeezed the doctor’s finger. As if testing for strength, the doctor shook the tiny fist.” 


Clancy took the famous image, which has circled the globe, showing proof of development inside the womb. 

Four months after the surgery, Samuel was born. 

The event changed Clancy’s view on life forever. Before that day, Clancy considered himself an open-minded pro-choice supporter. Upon witnessing life in the womb, it became crystal clear to him, he wasn’t witnessing a clump of cells. 

Since that fateful day, Clancy has been a pro-life supporter ever since. 

Pro-choice supporters claim the baby is part of the mother. 

Meaning, removing a child from the mother’s womb is supposedly similar to removing a cancerous tumor or another body part (like tonsils). If this were true, it would mean the baby is an extension of a mother, just like an arm or leg. 

Yet, science confirms, in order to be considered part of a body the actual  PART would have to share similar genetic code as the rest of the body. Unfortunately, science dispels that notion as an infant’s body has its own DNA structure. 

How Can One Live and One Die? 

Why is it a mom may live yet – under different circumstances not related to abortion – a child dies? Or, how about a mom who dies but a child can still be delivered alive? 

How is this possible if both are simply part of the mom? If that was the case, when the mother or baby died, the other one would as well. 

This is proof they’re two separate individuals. 

In prenatal surgeries, an infant is left connected to the umbilical cord and given anesthesia as medical professionals (key phrase) have discovered the child can feel pain. If the child was nothing, it would have no feelings of pain, or the mother would likely feel the pain as well if it was, in fact, part of her. 

Plus, those same medical professionals refer to the child they’re operating on as a patient, which is why they create medical records in such cases. 


The “My Body! My Choice!” Delusion

Not Acceptable to Harm a Pre-Born yet Acceptable to Kill One

When a pregnant mother is murdered, her killer is charged with a double homicide. And, if a pregnant mother abuses drugs or drinks heavily while pregnant, she’s charged with child endangerment. 

Pregnant and Addicted.jpg

Yet, if she chooses to have an abortion which ends a child’s life, it’s OK. 

Odd how our society shames a mother who ENDANGERS her unborn child with drugs or alcohol but if she chooses to hire a doctor to murder her child, it’s perfectly legit. In fact, it’s likely she’ll be embraced by pro-choice advocates and considered courageous. 

Being Inside Something Doesn’t Make it Part of Something

When someone goes inside their house, they don’t become part of the house. When someone boards a plane, they’re not part of the plane. When a boat is placed in the water, it is not part of the water.

You get the idea. 

Founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries, Randy Alcorn who wrote, ‘Why Pro-Life? Caring for the unborn and their mothers’ summarized it perfectly stating, “Human beings shouldn’t be discriminated against because of their place of residence. The child’s nature doesn’t magically change in the twenty inches between the uterus and the birthing room.” 


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