For centuries people from around the globe believed the sun revolved around the earth.

There were some scientists and astronomists who had a hunch that the earth revolved around the sun. Yet, without PROOF, that theory was considered delusional. It took about 18 centuries between the time the first person revealed the theory until it was proven as fact. 

Science is Factual

Science is about facts which dispel myths and opinions.

Science is not a democracy which allows opinions and different viewpoints to enter the equation.  Therefore, just because THE MAJORITY believes an idea is factual, science will prove or disprove it.

 Pro-choice Disregards Proof

The intense debates in support of abortion are opinion focused rather than fact-based. 

Arguments centered around whether a woman should have the RIGHT to murder a child (I use the term murder as that’s the true nature of abortion. To say “abort” or “terminate” are pro-choice terminology phrases used to dilute the severity of abortion). 

Pro-choice supporters make the argument, “At conception, it’s nothing more than a CLUMP OF CELLS”. Yet, science confirms the so-called “clump of cells” are, in fact, LIVING! Therefore, science (which is not a democracy where majority rules) confirms a living being begins at conception.

Science vs. Feelings

Consider this, if scientists discovered the same “CLUMP OF CELLS” on a distant planet, you know what they’d say?

They’d likely scream, “We’ve discovered LIFE!”

Yet, pro-abortion advocates debate hard proof with their feelings and opinions. In fact, some I’ve debated admit, “Well, I don’t believe a clump of cells is a baby”. Even with the knowledge provided by medical professionals confirming cells at conception are ALIVE, the truth is instead diluted by opinions and well-crafted justifications to lessen the severity of abortion. 


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