Less than 24 hours following President Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President, hundreds of thousands of women activists assembled throughout our nation, as well as around the world, in support of women’s rights.

Many demonstrators marched proudly, displaying their knitted pink stocking caps complete with cute kitten ears cleverly referred to as ‘Pussy Hats’. The caps became a symbol of outrage toward sexually explicit comments made by President Trump over a decade ago. In addition to the caps, other feminist marchers dressed up in vagina costumes to send a message to the president, “this pussy’s not for grabbing!”

Pussy Hats.jpg

While the majority of marchers wore respectable clothing, a small percentage of female demonstrators removed their shirts displaying their breasts with black tape covering their nipples.

Demonstrators arrived with picket signs protesting specific issues while others carried messages of hate toward the Trump Administration such as, “Not my president!”, “Love Trumps Hate!”, and “F-Trump!”.

The initial platform was to draw awareness to women’s issues yet many protesters who took part in the march came with different agendas geared toward other social causes which were neither gender-specific or fell under the women’s rights crusade.

Unclear Purpose

A pamphlet posted online listed the different causes demonstrators were marching for regarding women’s rights which included fair wages, reproductive options, freedom from sexual violence, and access to more affordable medical services and options.

However, other protestors voiced concerns over a multitude of other social issues including immigration reform, healthcare reform, environmental protection, police brutality, racial profiling, gay and transgender rights, freedom of religion, and illegal immigrant protection. Again, issues which were neither gender-specific nor categorized as women’s rights. 

Trump Labeling

If this protest was necessary, why didn’t take place during the Obama, Bush or Clinton Administrations?

There are no indications women’s rights in America are in jeopardy under the Trump Administration. The same issues women equality advocates marched against the weekend of January 21, were identical to those under the Obama Administration. It’s no secret, those who opposed the President used the audio leak of Trump’s crude comments about women, 11 years ago, as the basis for their march. Ironically, when asked questions about Bill Clinton’s sexual behavior and convictions during his presidency, it seemed to be a non-issue. Therefore, the march leaned more toward hatred of Trump than actual issues laid out in the event’s pamphlet.


Democratic congresswoman, Elizabeth Warren, stirred up fears with accusations the Trump Administration was preparing to carry out their attacks against women, immigrants, LBTG community, and religious groups.

In addition to Warren’s fear-based presentation, liberals have taken comments made by Trump, while he campaigned for the presidency, and continue to cast a shadow of false narratives which claim he’s a racist, homophobic, and xenophobic.

Considering Trump’s cabinet picks include women, different races, and a gay man, Trump doesn’t appear to fit the narratives his opponents have labeled him.

Was This About Equality or Creating a Narrative?

The key word repeated throughout the march was “EQUALITY”.

Equality for women.
Equality among races.
Equality for Muslims.
Equality for the LBTG communities.
Equality for immigrants.

Pop singer and Hollywood actress Madonna added her two cents at the rally, delivering a five-minute politically-fueled speech criticizing the President, revealing her deep desire to commit a terrorist act on the White House, however not forgetting to end it on a positive note encouraging attendees to always “choose love”.


The musical pop star claimed the march was “. . . the beginning of OUR story.” However, it wouldn’t be until the second day of protests as to who’s story Madonna was specifically referencing.

When pro-life activists arrived on the scene Sunday morning, it was abundantly clear the story Madonna referred to was inclusive to specific political ideologies. Ideologies which excluded certain groups from the EQUALITY the march was supposedly meant to represent.

During America Ferrera’s speech, the female actress explained the march was for, “. . . the moral core of this nation, against which our new president is waging a war.”

The irony, women came to march for their own “moral code” which supports the right to life movement, only to face harsh resistance toward their side of the abortion argument. Highly emotional pro-choice advocates surrounded the 50 pro-life supporters chatting, “My body my choice!” while blocking signs which said, “Abortion betrays women”. One pro-life advocate claimed she was spit on while another had her sign ripped to shreds.

A movement organized to empower ALL women to rise up and defend their freedoms apparently came with fine print, excusing the abuses and harassment of pro-choice supporters toward pro-life advocates. The march revealed the movement wasn’t so much about equality as it was about following a specifically crafted narrative.

What organizers overlooked was the fact reproductive rights are not owned by one specific group.


Pro-life advocates want to march for many similar causes such as more affordable medical options for pregnant women, required paid maternity leave, and the creation of more social programs to help single mothers or low-income families.

Yet, pro-choice advocates see the pro-life movement as a threat to their current freedom to choose abortion as a form of birth control. Therefore, in typical non-tolerant and hostile fashion, liberal opponents refuse to consider anything which contradicts the deceptive narratives they’ve worked hard to develop over the decades.


When Bill Clinton was caught lying about his affair with Monica Lewinski, he was impeached by the House of Representatives yet saved by the Senate.

He then went on national television and delivered his famous four-minute scripted national apology speech ending with, “So tonight, I ask you to turn away from the spectacle of the last seven months, to repair the fabric of national discourse, and turn our attentions to all the challenges, and all the promise of the next American century.”


Following Clinton’s television appearance, liberals were quick to forgive as Republicans demanded Clinton’s resignation. Liberals asked conservatives to ‘get over it’ and ‘move on’. Lectures from Democrats followed about the importance of moving forward and working together to repair the county; not rehashing Clinton’s wrongdoings with a young intern.

Ironically, one of the biggest reasons for the march was due to massive liberal outcry of Trump’s audio leak. Even though the recording took place 11 years ago, he apologized for it and clarified it was nothing more than ‘locker room talk’, those who oppose him are still less than forgiving and continue to rehash the comments.

When you consider the multitude of issues represented during the march, the consistent presidential-bashing speeches by celebrities and politicians, along with the timing of the event; the true nature of the protest is easily recognized. The so-called “Women’s Rights” movement was a masquerade for the real objective of creating a platform to insult the man who defeated their candidate for president.


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